Alt er grundig gjennomarbeidet ned til hver minste detalj for å tilby nytelse, luksus, eksklusivitet og intimitet. Jacuzzi dusjkabinett er en følelsesmessig opplevelse. Dusjkabinettene med hydromassasje er komplette velværesystemer som stimulerer kroppen både fysisk og psykisk.
Jacuzzi Frame IN2 Header

Frame IN2

Designer: Mario Ferrarini

The hidden technology and refined aesthetics of a new way of experiencing showering – one that is all-encompassing, satisfying and enthralling – are presented in an exclusive setting. The Jacuzzi® jets give you the opportunity to select different types of hydromassage. With all the accessories included, you can choose from three options: neck and lumbar massage, where the jets massage the most tense points of your back; the effective, deep Shiatsu massage, with its Tonic and Relax programs; and the sequential massage, where you can choose your preferred speed. The Jacuzzi® Cromodream® allows you to choose from 6 basic colour tones to be diffused with the water directly onto your body. The energy of red, the brilliance of yellow, the purity of white, the serenity of green and the intensity of blue can also become 4 different colour cycles: these are true wellness programs. From the designer Mario Ferrarini comes the setting for the Jacuzzi® Frame, with its attention to detail, essential aesthetic and choice of naturally inspired materials that are pleasant to the touch and can make the sensory experience even more intense. Cross the threshold in a continuous conceptual space to enter the forefront of wellness. The Jacuzzi® Touch Screen gives you access to all the functions of the shower, Turkish bath and hydromassage with a single touch; a unique electronic control system brings together every function on a simple, intuitive control panel.
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Frame IN2
  • 150 X 110 X 224 cm
  • Termostatblander
  • Dusjhode med regn
  • Dusj med fossefall
  • Dusj med kaldtvanns-fossefall (serieutstyr alt etter versjonen)
  • Dampforstøvning (serieutstyr alt etter versjonen)
  • Manuell dusj dusjstang
  • Rygg-/vertikal dusj 4 stråler
  • Nakke-/vertikal dusj 4 stråler
  • Shiatsu (serieutstyr alt etter versjonen)
  • Sekvensiell (serieutstyr alt etter versjonen)
  • Programmerbart tyrkisk dampbad
  • Alarm (alt etter versjonen)
  • Cromodream / Innvendig lys* (alt etter versjonen)
  • Audio System / Radio* (alt etter versjonen)
  • Alarm (alt etter versjonen)
  • Display touch screen
  • Tak
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