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Combining 5 seating options with a forward facing lounge seat ensures the J-435™ delivers both a luxurious all over body hydromassage along with a place to socialise with your friends and family.

The modern interior has been designed using a state of the art process which makes it perfect for a wide range of body types and heights whilst the collection of PowerPro® jets delivers a unique style of hydromassage in each seat. The J-435™ also benefits from a jetted cool down seat which allows a shallow immersion of the body in the water whilst receiving the benefit of hydromassage whilst for those who prefer complete immersion the lounge seat allows you to immerse your entire body in the water and enjoy a hydromassage focussed on the shoulders, back, legs and feet.

The J-435™ offers a high-back design that provides fantastic aesthetics whilst helping to engulf you in warmth no matter the ambient temperature and also helps to provide additional privacy. Other innovative features enhance the luxurious experience including adjustable pillows which provide enhanced comfort and diverter knobs which are designed to incorporate cup holders.

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  • 213 X 213 X 109 cm
  • 6 personer
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