Klassisk hydromassasje fra Jacuzzi. Hydromassasje til ryggen med roterende mikrodyser. Overløp skjult bak kanten.
aura corner 140 teak header

Aura Corner 140

Designer: Carlo Urbinati

The sunny brightness of Teak, the depth of the Wengè finish or the new appeal of Urban Wood distinguish Aura 140x140: a corner bathtub that shines like the star of a special way to furnish the bathroom. Under the hallmark of warmth and nature, thanks to the sensations that are transmitted by the top and by the front panel, make from a single piece. But also under the hallmark of the most advanced Jacuzzi® technologies: rim overflow to soak completely in the water, diverter to switch the air/water supply from the traditional hydromassage to the rotating jets, the standard underwater light and the minimalist chrome tapware.

After having introduced the warmth of wood, the Aura family has now been beautified by the charm and prestige of marble - a material that has been used in art and architecture for thousands of years - for a refined yet contemporary style. But that’s not all: the exclusive Lether finish gives the marble surface a warm feel and appearance, revolutionising the expressive potential of this material and the combinations possible in the bathroom. This is an additional evolution of Aura’s concept of customisation, together with the possibility of choosing various shapes, sizes and finishes in constant harmony with a minimalist and balanced style of design made of knowledgeable volumes, impressive thicknesses and clean-cut lines. Furthermore, in this as in all other models, the overflow just before the bath deck allows you to soak your whole body in the water for total well-being.

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Aura Corner 140
  • 140 X 140 X 60 cm
  • 1 Sitteplass
  • 5 TargetPro™ Jets
  • 3 Roterende stråler
  • 1 Hodestøtte
  • Desinfisering
  • Touch-styringer
  • Lighting / Cromodream®
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