Minimalistisk og moderne estetikk. Rygghydromassasje med fastmontert regndråpedusjhode. Nedsenket dusjkar i Techstone. Høyderegulerbar hånddusj med flerfunksjonsdyse. Dampbad og aromaterapifunksjon.
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Mynima 120

Designer: Carlo Urbinati

Mynima 120 distinguishes itself due to its comfortable size and, at the same time, because of its adaptability to bathroom volumes. A perfect combination of glass and reflections, it creates a pleasant space enlarging effect. The equipped column, available in anodised aluminium, is a treasure chest of extraordinary functions such as Aqua Feeling, the fixed raindrop shower head that supplies a beneficial cascade of water and energy, the Enerjet fixed shower heads that can be adjusted in three operating modalities for an unequalled vitality boost plus the steam bath and the vertical and back air jets. All the spouts are supplied with a very useful de-scaling membrane. The silk-screen printed glass panel on the side of the wall, available on request for the TT cubicle version, efficiently protects the wall from humidity and completes the shower with a really elegant finish. The glass shower panels and roof are pre-treated with Crystal Clear by Jacuzzi®, a water-repellent that ensures a sparkling shine to all the surfaces. The lowered shower tray is made from synthetic resin: beautiful and sturdy, it pleasantly integrates the aesthetic refinement of Mynima.
Mynima 120
  • 120 X 75 X 222 cm
  • Termostatblander
  • Dusjhode med regn
  • Dusjhoder Enerjet (3 stråler)
  • Manuell dusj dusjstang
  • Rygg-/vertikal dusj 4 stråler
  • Nakke-/vertikal dusj 4 stråler
  • Tyrkisk dampbad (alt etter versjonen)
  • Alarm (alt etter versjonen)
  • Alarm (alt etter versjonen)
  • Tak (alt etter versjonen)
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